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The ofqual summer 2020 exam report has finally be released

📅 July 30, 2021

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The ofqual summer 2020 exam report has finally be released

One in 10 A-level exam candidates was given a 3 grade promotio after teachers' predictions replaced a controversial algorithm last summer according to the ofqual report.

Ofqual the watchdog found that private and grammar school pupils were the biggest winners from the switch to predicted grades.

Whereas the algorithm last year. Ofqual found that, for some exam candidates the grades the algorithm had calculated – based on factors – were "considerably lower" than their teachers' predictions.

The report found 10 per cent of A-level' results improved by three or more grades when their algorithm-calculated grades were ditched in favour of predictions.

Private and grammar school students experienced the biggest boost.

Analysts cited previous research which found that exam candidates from private and grammar schools were "more likely to be over-predicted at A-level".

The Ofqual report said: "This was reflected in our analysis where, at both A-level and GCSE, independent exam centres had amongst the greatest increases in mean grades awarded in 2020, particularly towards the top of the grade distribution.

"There is evidence that grammar schools' outcomes increased more than those of mainstream secondaries at GCSE, particularly in the probability of candidates attaining C or above."

Ofqual said that, for A-levels, sixth form colleges tended to predict "relatively lower grades" than other schools, particularly at grade C.

This year, schools were asked to submit evidence to exam boards to support their predicted grades.

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