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Feeling worried about grades

📅 July 28, 2021

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How to deal with exam stress and feeling worried about grades

Seeing things in perspective is key. Understanding why exams have changed in 2020 and 2021 gives a good start of the perspective.

the way we think about a situation can affect the way we feel about it. Perspective is everything.

those exam candidates who kept in mind the reason why exams had to be cancelled, were perhaps better able to accept the situation and seemed to feel less upset about it.

Everyone understand what has happened. The place you move on to will adapt their plans to take into account missed learning and teacher assessment grades.

To ensure that you are not disadvantaged by this year’s assessment arrangements.

These things might help:

socialising – spending time with friends or family and those who make us feel happy

relaxing – whether actively, like playing a game, or passively, like watching a film

exercising – which can ‘work off’ stress and can get you outdoors too

eating – keeping mealtimes regular and balancing healthy options with treats

sleep – for many people ‘bedtimes’ went out of the window in lockdown so reinstating it will help manage the busier days ahead

Some people really need their sleep in order to learn and prepate for exams. This is also true for expecting the results before the results day.

While other people really feel the need to exercise off excess energy every day, whereas other people manage just as well exercising two or three times a week.

Grades are a gateway to the next stage in your life: to another stage of education, or into training or work.

None of us can perfectly predict our grades, and sometimes people worry about not getting the grades they want and feeling upset. The key to the this is to consider plan b, plan c and others. While sharing this whese plans with friends and families.

retakes and resit options are useful to consider before your exam results come out. This can help parents too who may worry about you putting pressure on yourself. Thinking a little bit about the future can help alleviate stress and anxiety kniwing that what ever your reult the summer exam grades will be the beginning of a life journey full of possibilities.

Feeling worried about grades

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