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private candidates apply after their results

📅 June 10, 2021

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A lot of private candidates are takin their education into hand applying directly after exam results. Direct to the university.

The future upheaval of UCAS and the university registration coming post the pandemic will increase the focus on quality and remove the obsession of volume of students. There will be a proflification of private candidate specialist university courses. Who are set up to recieve applications after the results are out.

A bit of recent history. In 2015 the cap on unversities of recruiting students was removed. So began an all out war to recruit students. Massive increasing competition for students. The unviersities get a subsidy for each student no the course.

The admissions office of each university now was charged with recruiting as many students as possible.

Thus, along came the rise of unconditional offers. Regardlesss of their results in their A levels. While the Office of students the watchdog in the UK and UCAS said that unconditional offers made students more likely to miss their predicted A levels. By up to 2 grades. The affect of these unconditional offers brings down the whole process. Making the process poorer.

The affect of this unconditional offers from the university drags down the quality of the course as it has to accommodate a large number of pupils who may not be able to keep up. The course gets weakened.

The more private candidates apply after their results the better.

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