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cancelling the GCSEs and A levels in the summer of 2021

📅 June 10, 2021

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Why cancelling the GCSEs and A levels in the summer of 2021 was a really bad idea. It impacted all pupils especially the private candidates in a far bigger way than policy makers realised.

The unions and parts of the media were initally happy that exams were cancelled. It put more importance into the teachers hands. Which the unions liked as they in turn became more powerful.

The best article against cancelling exams was by Melanie Mcdonagh in the spectator.

Melanie uses the example of the Irish driving license back log. Where the authorities doled out the driving licenses to everyone. Allowing poor drivers onto the road. This drove decades of car accidents above the average. While the insurance firms responsed and pushed up the car insurance premiuns. Isnt this what is going to happen with the cancelling of exams? Where employers simple dismiss GCSEs and A Levels in 2020 and 21 as worthless.

We all know that exams are by their very nature socially distanced. They could have put exams on with a wide array of cabins and semi permenant marquees. Even doing them outside.

The challenge for the Gov. was the threat of school teachers striking. It is these school teachers who do a lot of the administration and exam management.

The out come of centre assessed grades will scare a generation of pupils. Especially boys. Who are better at the last minute sprints of learning. Rather than the slow and steady girls. Which is much more suited for continual assessment. Either way, everyone looses out.

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