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point of GCSES and A levels

📅 June 09, 2021

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It seems strange to question the point of GCSES and A levels. While private candidates are a independent and inquitive bunch. So here is a stab at it.

It is a useful tool for society to place to try to put the right sort of people in the right jobs. This means that those who know the system best can get the best jobs?.....

While at the same time can cause mis direction and misery when the exam results do not reflect the candidates ability.

Public GCSE and A level exams have the idea of examining on a subject knowledge. Which, if examined well allow for the skill and thoughtfulness of the candidate sitting the exam to come through.

The trouble with exams is the worse case is that it punishes the exam candidates rather than helps them on their way. It can become a badge of dis honour.

In the worst exam case, exam candidates have felt so utterly horrified of seemingly fail these exams they have been told to sit that they have self harmed.

There is a view that public exams provide a mirror or reflection of society.

We owe it to exam candidates and future school pupils to continue to search for better and more effective forms of assessements. Including written and computer based edxams . In doing so we can unleash the best of the the summer time of youth. Reducing the anxiety that poorly suited or mis played exams exams can cause.

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