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private candidates future

📅 July 20, 2021

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In the summer of 2021 something extra ordinary happened for private candidates.

The Department for Education and Ofqual set about looking at private candidates in a new light and engaged with them much earlier in the exam cycle. They realised that over 5 percent of the Exam cohort each year can be seen to be private candidates and without proper consideration they again would be left out.

The DoE engagement in 2021 has developed a new path for the increased acceptance and provision on private candidates in the UK education system. Our Partners at the Exam House, GCSE & A Level Exam Centre were involved giving guidance to the DoE and we are optimistic that this guidance will continue to be deployed in 2022 and beyond.

While our long term goal is for private candidates to be considered the norm. While mainstream school candidates consder themselves in the round as private canddiates. Chooosing or porting where they sit their GCSE or A level exams.

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