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📅 September 14, 2018

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The private Candidates website is designed to support, campaign and give a voice for the private GCSE & A level candidates in the UK.


We believe there is a reduced opportunity for independent learners especially at GCSE and A level to sit exams as private candidates.

Telephone: 02071128105

With the initial summer 2020 cancelling of exams. Everyone felt there would never be a cancellation again. The cancelling of exams in 2021 proved again that private GCSE and A level exam candidates are the last section of secondary school stakeholders to be considered.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is that all exam candidates, irrespective of whether they are in school or not are considered private candidates. If all exam candidates are able to sit exams where they choose. Without fear or favour from the establishment they learn from at a time of their choosing. Using the unbiased, professional assessments of exam boards being delivered either by written scripts or computer based exams.

The end result:

The result is that the secondary school experience will be radically improved for pupils. While bringing flexibility, independance and rigour to the assessment process. It will provide teachers the space and environment to produce their best teaching while giving the chance for pupils to decide where and when they sit their exams.

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