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1 percent of A level grades were questioned by the quality assurance process

📅 August 10, 2021

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external quality assurance process meant less than 1 percent of candidates results generated by teachers were re adjusted.

Grades from 85% of schools were endorsed at the first review.

Another reason why private candidates are dis advantaged. Although they were given the help of schools support. They were never considered equal in the eyes of the school. It was varying to the service they were offered.

The remaining 15 % of A level exams grades were discussed by teachers and the boards' curriculum leads. With a fewer than 1 per cent of A level grades had to change as a result.

The quality assurance process, every school, college or exam centre grading policy was reviewed. The exam boards contacted tem where and if they required clarification.

All of the A level grades were reviewed after they were submitted on 18 June. Submitting examples of exam candidates' work. 48 hours after the exam board requested.

A small number of exam grades need to be revised are ongoing.

A few exam grades are being withheld. The numbers of cases and subsequent changes will be published by Ofqual, probably in its summer report published in December.

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